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Lititz Run Riparian Park

Stream and Floodplain Restoration | Wetland Creation | Riparian Buffer


A six acre park owned and maintained by Warwick Township was a sterile, high-maintenance, grass field.


LandSudies design and managed the installation of this park, which emphasizes the primary components of the Lititz Run Watershed Plan.  A  0.2 acre wetland was created using diverted road runoff , to filter sediments and pollutants improving water quality.

LandStudies also restored a section of Lititz Run.  A riparian buffer composed of native trees and shrubs was planted along the stream, beioengineering streambank stabilization techniques were used to stabilize eroded streambanks, and rock veins, log veins, and rock weirs were used to improve in-stream habitat for fish populations.

Lititz Run Riparian Park has become a vibrant and visible example of the on-going restoration efforst within the Lititz Run Watershed, and proves that natural systems can be incorporated into even small-scale projects.


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Client: Warwick Township
Location: Lititz, PA

LandStudies (717) 627-4440
315 North Street
Lititz, PA 17543
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